Мы создали выставку "DOSTUP" для МТС.

As part of the MTS "DOSTUP" project, we performed not only as participants, but also as organizers of the final Event - a large exhibition dedicated to art in the Internet age, which ended with a performance by artist Tommy Cash. And Zorik Istomin - the founder of the THĒ Studio, became the curator of the exhibition.

Publications such as - the-Village, The-Flow, Buro247, Meduza and others wrote about the event.

The main concept of the entire "DOSTUP" project and the exhibition in particular was limited content that could be seen through the screens of your smartphone by activating AR in a specially developed app. You can read more about the project on the official website of MTS "Access".

The "Cube" platform on the Bottle was chosen for the final event.

On the first floor there were works by participants of the exhibition, among them-A. D. E. D, Oleg Garin, Yegor Golopolosov, Alex Frukta, Maxim Skret and other artists and musicians. By opening the DOSTUP app and pointing your smartphone's camera at the picture, AR brought the animation to life in them.

The second floor of the space was completely reserved for our exhibition. We introduced the Skazy character and his artistic style Patternism to a wide audience for the first time! To learn more about Skazy, visit His Instagram account, where you will find answers to most questions. In the meantime, enjoy what we've got!

Guests of the exhibition were able to get acquainted with the character personally, as well as see his fluorescent paintings and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of space.

The exposition of our Studio became a key part of the exhibition, and throughout the event it attracted crowds of spectators. Skazy was satisfied.

On the top floor there was a presentation of the capsule collection ÖMANKÖ x MTS, which included sports pants and hoodies, prints on which could also be activated in AR. Guests could get items from the collection by taking part in the drawing. To do this, you just had to scan the QR code in the app.

The exhibition ended with a performance by Tommy Cash.

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