Scazy and Sub Sensus at the Science Festival '19

Пост обновлен апр. 20

This summer, the ScienceFest festival of science and art was held in Saint Petersburg.

The festival was attended by two artists of the THĒ Studio - Zorik Istomin with an installation of his digital avatar SCAZY and Sasha Filimonov, a 3D artist who performs under the name Sub Sensus.

The SCAZY exhibition unfolded in the "garden of dreams" in St. Petersburg's Lumiere Hall and the organizers liked it so much that it remained alive and pleased the guests of the cultural capital further!

In addition to the Scazy exhibition, a multimedia installation by our new artist, Sub Sensus, was demonstrated on the walls of Lumiere during the evening program of the festival. He presented his artistic style - Optimism to the guests.

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