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Latest news and projects
  • THĒ

    Alexey Barhan — a new artist represented by THĒ

    Alexey began his journey in the late 1990s when his passion for graffiti was first ignited as a teenager. He then continued to develop hi...

  • THĒ

    Vasiliy Shvetsov — a new artist at DAMAGĒ

    Conceptual photographer and creative director working in the genre of surreal advertising. Clients: Kind, Megafon, Toyota, Sberbank, Asus...

  • THĒ

    We started a special HOME season of THĒ MONO SHOW

    Quarantine is a great time to stay home and make art.

  • THĒ

    Photosession for Nikolay Stravinsky by Marusia Mak

    Marusia Mak made a photosession аnd series of art collages for Nikolay Stravinsky known as NARKOMFIN or SELFIEMAN

  • THĒ

    "Kaspersky Incident Communications" training

    We produced a 3 part training course about cyber - security. 3 experts from Kaspersky team - Dan, Povel and Svetlana tell about biggest c...

  • THĒ

    Scazy is coming back '20

    Houston on the line! Don't panic. For a long time, Scazy was absent from the information space, traveling through the universe. But when ...

  • THĒ

    Marusia Mak - a new artist at DAMAGĒ

    We are happy to introduce you to a new artist that we have started to represent - Marusia Makhmutova. Fashion photographer and collage ar...

  • THĒ

    Sub Sensus special for Migos, Travis Scott, Young Thug

    Sasha Sub Sensus created stunning 3D scenes in his own style for the new music video for Migos, Travis Scott and Young Thug, directed by...

  • THĒ

    Scazy for LEXUS at the annual Lexus Design Award '20

    We created the futuristic SCAZY x LEXUS art object at the annual Lexus Design Award 2020. A huge fluorescent canvas in the style of Patte...

  • THĒ

    Cover design for Dua Saleh by Sub Sensus

    Dua Saleh - is a bright hip hop artist from Minneapolis, working with producers Asap Rocky, Kanye West & Denzel Curry. Sub Sensus created...

  • THĒ

    Art installation by SCAZY on AFTERHALLOWEEN '19

    Probably everyone has heard about the loudest and most beautiful party of 2019, which is called After Halloween. This is a costume ball t...

  • THĒ

    New season of THĒ MONO SHOW

    The new season of your favourite music show MONO from THĒ Studio has started. Even more cool performers. Do not forget to write in the co...

  • THĒ

    Scazy presented a new art installation at the festival of light in Perm

    In October 2019, Perm hosted the "Prosvet" festival of light, which won the hearts of local residents and artists of the event! Key objec...

  • THĒ

    Secret exhibition for UNILEVER Company by Scazy

    For the closed event of two large companies - ADV advertising Agency and Unilever, the world leader in the consumer goods market, we prep...

  • THĒ

    AR Masks by SCAZY 2019

    Over the past year, Zorik Istomin has managed to make several AR masks on behalf of his digital avatar, which you can test in the instag...

  • THĒ

    Scazy x Pepsi and banning commercial graffiti in Moscow

    This summer, together with PepsiCo, Zorik Istomin developed a series of Mural Art in his art style Patternism, which was to appear on fac...

  • THĒ

    Scazy and Sub Sensus at the Science Festival '19

    This summer, the ScienceFest festival of science and art was held in Saint Petersburg. The festival was attended by two artists of the TH...

  • THĒ

    Sub Sensus - a new artist at DAMAGĒ

    The main focus of THĒ Studio is working with artists, developing their creative potential and integrating contemporary art into promotion...

  • THĒ

    Alfa Bank & PepsiCo credit card design by SCAZY

    Introducing the new collaboration of Scazy with Alfa Bank & Pepsi Co. The collaboration was prepared specifically for the Alfa Future Peo...

  • THĒ

    Art activation by SCAZY at ENCORE '19 festival

    This year, for the first time, there was a festival from the creators of the cult ENCORE parties. In the forest part of the festival, we ...

  • THĒ


    О новой коллаборации цифрового аватара SCAZY и бренда LAKRITZA.

  • THĒ

    Art activation for MTS at Encore '19 festival

    Our Studio is engaged in creating creative concepts for events, as well as integrating contemporary art into promotional campaigns. One o...

  • THĒ

    Scazy special for Adidas 70th anniversary

    A new collaboration from Scazy, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the @adidas brand, which is based on the artistic style #Patternism, w...

  • THĒ

    Scazy at the Rémy Martin event in London

    In may 2019, Zorik Istomin was invited to London as a special guest for the presentation of the new collaboration of the cognac house Rém...

  • THĒ

    Advertising videos for IKEA. Zorik Istomin, Pokras Lampas, Oskes

    / Especially for the release of the limited edition IKEA SPÄNST collection, together with ÖMANKÖ, in the summer of 2018, THĒ Studio creat...

  • THĒ

    Exhibition "DOSTUP" for MTS. Neon space by Scazy

    As part of the MTS "DOSTUP" project, we performed not only as participants, but also as organizers of the final Event - a large exhibitio...

  • THĒ

    Cover design "Eskimos" for the artist Zoloto by Zorik Istomin

    Zorik Istomin designed the new release of Vladimir Zolotukhin, a talented musician and performer of his songs, performing under the confi...

  • THĒ

    Cover design "Christmas on the Moon" for Nico Cartosio by Zorik Istomin

    In December 2018, our Studio THĒ undertook to make a cover for the single "Christmas on the moon" for Nico Cartosio, as well as a packsho...

  • THĒ

    Обложка от Zorik Istomin для альбома "Не важно кто там у руля" Децл aka Le Truk

    Zorik Istomin нарисовал обложку для нового релиза кумира поколения 90х - Децла.

  • THĒ

    Playboy x Zorik Istomin x Sasha Tikhomirov

    Уникальная диджитал арт серия для эротического календаря Make Love Not War, созданного в сотрудничестве с PlayBoy, Maxim и Golden Girls. ...

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